I haven't been the best about wearing sunscreen, where do I start?

It's never too late to start wearing sunscreen! The easiest way to begin is by incorporating it into your morning routine. We recommend using a moisturizer like our Superscreen Daily Moisturizer or Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion, followed by a primer like our Unseen Sunscreen or 100% Mineral Matte Screen, then our Daily Correct CC Cream!  Be sure to keep our Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist or 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder in your bag for easy re-application throughout the day! 

Products mentioned in this article:  Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion, Superscreen Daily Moisturizer, Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, Smooth and Poreless 100% Mineral Matte Screen, Daily Correct CC Cream, Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40, 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder, 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder Refill

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