How did Ounce by Ounce start?

Updated 10 months ago by Christine

Before we ever showed up in stores, Supergoop! was created with kiddos in mind. Our founder, Holly, created the brand in 2005 with a goal of delivering SPF to classrooms across Louisiana and Texas. 

As a mom and former elementary school teacher, Holly was inspired to encourage children everywhere to start protecting their skin at a young age so it becomes a daily healthy habit, like brushing their teeth or washing their hands!

But soon she discovered that because sunscreen was considered an over-the-counter drug, SPF wasn’t allowed on school campuses without a doctor's note. Holly quickly recognized the need for change and began to advocate for SPF in schools on Capitol Hill. Now, more than 25 states allow schools to have sunscreen — no doctor’s note required!

We’re proud to continue pioneering change by donating sunscreen to schools and communities across America.

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