Supergoop! Stability, Compatibility and Preservative Efficacy Testing

As part of our standard product testing, all of our formulas go through a very lengthy test called Formal Drug (OTC) Stability. During this test, the formula is placed in different conditions (room temperature with 25% relative humidity and at 40c / 104F with 75% relative humidity) for a period of 3 years and we check the concentration of all the actives at regular intervals along with other specs to ensure that they remain efficacious and unchanged throughout the lifetime of the product. The testing is conducted in the final packaging to also ensure that the component is not going to adversely affect the formula.

We also conduct a preservative efficacy test on all of our products to evaluate the ability of a preservative system to protect the product from microbial growth through the shelf life of the product.

Only when a formula successfully passes all of these test does it go into production.


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