Defense Refresh Tips & Tricks- SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!

The Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40 formula is a bi-phase formula, which means that if you were to look inside the bottle you would see 2 parts (kind of like what you would see if you filled a glass with water and oil). For the product to work properly, you must shake the bottle vigorously for the 2 parts to combine.When the bottle is not shaken very well prior to each application, there's a chance that the actuator will form a clog.

If the bottle is not shaken well prior to application, the heavier, thicker part of the formula (which contains all of the make-up setting and oil-absorbing ingredients) can eventually form a clog on the actuator. Most times if you give the bottle a good shake (about 10 seconds) the clog gets dislodged and the actuator goes back to working normally. Other times, running the nozzle under hot water will solve the problem. 


When using the Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist, make sure to have your hair pulled back and away from your face before you spray. This will avoid getting any formula on your hair, which can sometimes leave a filmy residue. 

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